Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
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All Over Everywhere, 2018 (in-progress)
multimedia performance, installation with custom plexi-glass panels, sensors and integrated lighting design
Excerpts - anticipated length of performance 70 minutes

Installation Prototype: 0:00-2:28
Performance documentation: 2:28-6:06
Video excerpts: starts at 6:06

The video is documentation of two independent, early iterations of All Over Everywhere. The first is a version developed and installed as an open-studio event while in residence at The MacDowell Colony and the second is an early exploration of the piece with two performers, interactive, sensor based elements and integrated lighting during a pop-up exhibition at Parsons School of Design. Also included is a sample of media content from the project, which is actively being developed.

All Over Everywhere is a trans-disciplinary media and performance installation, which engages connections and confrontations between human beings, technology and the environment. Combining ethereal video projections, plexi-glass panels, live performers, sensors, audience participation, and a vibrant tapestry of interactive sound, we endeavor to create an immersive and transformative experience. Inherent in All Over Everywhere are some of the most terrifying as well as hopeful questions of our time, questions that impact all of humanity and its future on this planet, considering notions of fate and the potential of a post-human world.

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