Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
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Is Anyone Not Ready?, 2012

feature length documentary, 90 minutes

Is Anyone Not Ready? is an experiential, feature-length documentary, which focuses on New York's legendary theater company, The Wooster Group, as they develop a new multimedia production of Hamlet. Shooting began with early, exploratory rehearsals in New York, and included the world premiere in Barcelona, a subsequent tour to Berlin, and the New York opening at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn.

This abundant material is being developed into a visually driven, impressionistic documentary, revealing rehearsal practices, the director's struggles and breakthroughs, the expectations and frustrations of the actor playing Hamlet, the intense concentration of performance, as well as the wildly shifting moods of the actors, from nervousness and elation to exhaustion and boredom.

Is Anyone Not Ready? is ultimately a meditation on the cyclical nature of life in the theater. Communicating more through gesture, tone, mood, action and sound rather than explicit narrative or traditional talking head interviews, the film reflects the often repetitive, day-to-day work involved in building a conceptually, intellectually, and emotionally demanding new multimedia theater piece. Following the trajectory from the playful, searching frustrations of rehearsals through the heightened zero hour tensions of yet another opening night, the documentary exposes the quotidian rhythms of working with the company; the obsessive pre-show rituals, the lightning quick release of energy that occurs onstage, and the immediate post-show relief and decompression.

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