Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
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Sleepwalker, 1999
single channel video, 14 minutes

On a hot summer day a man walks along led by visions of a billowing red scarf, a whirling fan and a woman's lips turning seductively to offer a kiss, images that seem recollected from a dream. He comes upon other clues in the way of old photographs and postcards; memementos of a past life. They lead him onward towards something unexpected.

By combining film and video, Sleepwalker evokes a world somewhere between dream and reality, between memory and the present. Drawing on diverse influences including Chekhov's short story The Kiss, as well as the cliche of the lone drifter prevalent in many films, this work explores the obsessive nature of desire and its connection with memory and place. It captures the languor of a summer's day, the white-hot intensity of light and how it fevers the brain with longing. Ultimately, it deals with the elusiveness of desire...drifting through the air like radio waves, always just out of reach, compelling one to keep going...keep moving.
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