Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
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Why Why Always

APRIL 2016 - Abrons Arts Center

In April 2016, we will be in residence at Abrons Arts Center to develop our new project Why Why Always. Our residency will be followed by public showings, details coming soon. We have a great cast including Jim Fletcher, Saori Tsukada, Marion Spencer, Laura Bartczak, with songs and narration by Christina Campanella and additional audio by Brian Rogers.

Why Why Always needs your support - any amount is appreciated!
We will be having a special benefit performance of Why Why Always in April 2016. Check back for details!

Why Why Always is a multimedia, live performance that combines video, sound, sculptural objects, theatrical performance and dance. The project is a new hybrid work which re-envisions Godard’s seminal 1965 film Alphaville. Godard's film is a philosophical treatise on politics, alienation and cinema set in a future overrun by technology, where feelings (and the words that describe them) are not only against the law but considered obsolete. Using the film as a foundation and jumping off point, Why Why Always searches for the human, irrational and emotional amidst a world of mechanization, repression and control. The work also draws on the internet phenomena of ASMR videos, which reveal simple, intimate and often domestic actions, such as whispering, tapping, and towel folding, purported to simultaneously calm, stimulate and entrance viewers.
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