Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
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Meet Pamela (Out-takes), 2005
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single channel video, 7 minutes
work sample: 3:39

Meet Pamela (Out-takes) was in part inspired by Truffaut's Day for Night and takes its name from the film the director and crew struggle to make within the film. The piece, combining video and super-8 film, reveals a lone woman who walks and sometimes runs along a deserted, urban street, apparently losing touch with reality. Periodically, the image breaks apart, the colors and speed shift, a visual echo of her presumable mental state. The piece is thrust forward with an intense, dynamic soundtrack composed of fragments of bebop, drum fills, guitar feedback, French chansons, set noise and film clappers. Throughout the work, a director's voice is heard giving the woman instructions (the audio is sampled and remixed from Day for Night); at one point she is forced to repeat the same action over and over - held in time until she is able to move on or "cut". Her erratic and obsessive behavior instigates questions. Are we watching a series of imagined "out-takes" from the fictional film? Is she an actress playing a part or a woman, mentally unraveling, envisioning herself in that role?

The footage used to make this piece was initially manipulated with vintage, analog video processors during a residency at the Experimental TV Center.

Performer: Ariana Smart Truman
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