Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
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point blank, 2003
3 channel video / audio installation, 9 minutes (looped)
work sample: 3:09

point blank is a three-channel video installation with sound which involves a figure engaged in a series of physical struggles punctuated with images of hovering sea gulls.

The first channel consists of a man's shirtless back, poised against the sea at sunset, looking out to an endless horizon. He raises his arms in defiance against what lies in front of him, uselessly revealing strength against something which gives him no regard, confronting a presence much larger than himself...the sea, the sky, the setting sun.

The second channel reveals the same man engaged in a series of endless pushups. The very air around him, filled with the sounds of sea birds and the crash of ocean waves, entices and taunts him. Though his efforts seem futile, the persistence of his repetitive actions and the very attempt to continue relays a sense of optimism.

The third channel involves close-up shots of hovering and swooping sea birds set against the sky.

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