Shaun Irons & Lauren Petty
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Snow Blind, 2004
(alternate title: Keeping Things Whole)
single channel video, 9 minutes

In Keeping Things Whole, a man appears and moves alone across a snow-swept field toward a line of trees, disappearing into the white void of a blizzard. Apparitions of watchful animals drift in and move away, witnesses or guides to the figure's journey. Sounds of howling winds and occasional strains of music create a dynamic, aural landscape and add to the piece's melancholic tone.

Shots of the monochromatic landscape were combined with layers of swirling snow, creating a painterly quality, reminiscent of an india ink wash. This piece, inspired by Mark Strand's poem of the same name, offers a deliberate, meditative slowness punctuated with moments of temporary rapture. This project was commissioned by the Poetry Society of America through their Poetry in Motion Pictures program.
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