Dream of Automatic Release, 2005

3 channel video / audio installation, 15 minutes (looped)

dream of automatic release was shot at an abandoned family home in Ohio. The family members had left, grown up, moved away, the last resident recently died. What remained was an empty house with only a few traces of domesticity: window curtains, crumbling wallpaper, badminton raquets, old tools in the basement, a tattered butterfly net; remnants conjuring distinct and haunting memories.

Simple domestic activities are undertaken by a couple, each existing in his/her own world. Games are played, tasks undertaken, revealing hidden yearnings, miscommunications, and unsatisfied desires. The deep undercurrent of frustrations obscured by sunny lawns, backyard games and chores is examined along with a sense of mounting tension and the desire for release.

dream of automatic release is a three-channel video/audio installation composed of a projection and multiple monitors.