Cassis Sketches, 2018

three shorts
View:  1:10
Swim:  5:40
Night:  3:00

This series of three short, in-progress films were created from an abundance of footage collected while in residence at the Camargo Foundation in Cassis, France and connect with my ongoing obsession with the sea. The accompanying audio score was also created while in residence, and was inspired (and sourced) by the natural sounds of sea, wind, and the constant electronic buzzing of cicadas in the surrounding trees.

The first sequence is a dreamlike fragment of a curtain opening and closing over a series of days – to reveal (and hide) a magnificent, almost unreal coastal vista. The second, shot with an underwater camera, centers on the ebullient experience of a daily ritual swim in the sea, as a means of contemplation and forgetting. The third section conveys the eternal edging of day into night in a fantasia of full moon illuminating a nocturnal sea.

Shot and Edited by:  Shaun Irons and Lauren Petty