FREEZE, 2001

2 channel video / audio installation, 8 minutes (looped)

FREEZE┬áis a video/audio installation offering a meditation on loss, the cyclical nature of time, and the desire to hold onto beauty. This work is a two- channel installation comprised of a large-scale projection and two monitors. The projected image reveals a beautiful dying fish, spinning eerily, reflected in a mirror, creating the illusion of dancing twins. This central projection goes through a series of transformations, rising in visual and aural intensity, augmenting the sense of spiritual release. The two small monitors contain images of layered swirling snow, sailing ships slowly moving across the ocean, and a lonely road at dusk, all silently echoing the fish’s journey into death.

Artificial snowballs of various sizes cover the floor, echoing the animated falling snow seen throughout the piece, bringing the installation into three-dimensional space. There are also tiny pieces of mirrors emanating tearlike from one of the small monitors creating the illusion of a reflecting pool on the floor, cathing fragments of the video images.