All Over Everywhere, 2021

multimedia live performance/installation, 75 minutes (anticipated)
All Over Everywhere is a trans-disciplinary media and performance installation, which engages connections and confrontations between human beings the imperiled natural world by combining otherwordly video, sculptural elements, live performance, integrated lighting design and a vibrant, reactive sound score.

Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts, 2012-2015

two-channel, self-generating video installation, variable length
Atmospheres & Accidental Ghosts is an episodic, multi-channel video and sound installation, which randomly reconfigures and activates a perpetually shifting selection of media drawn from the artists' work and obsessions. Relying on chance and coincidence, this at times unruly and unpredictable piece generates elliptical narratives and enigmatic visual juxtapositions, as the computer continually scans for something elusive, scrambling restlessly through data in an attempt to search for patterns or meaning. Upturned sinking ships, flashes of color and light, shuffling playing cards, a dancer's looming face, fragments of text, and spectral mirages meld, collide, and shimmer, in a ghostly aura of moving image montage.

Here, Everything Is Still Floating, 2007-2010

single channel video, 8 minutes, 10 seconds
An apparition of a white bird carefully moves through a textured, black landscape, listening, watching and aware of being watched. This meditative piece visually references Japanese screen and sliding door paintings of cranes, an elusive creature long associated with notions of immortality and resurrection as well as the ability to transcend the three realms: heaven, earth and the underworld. The refracted doubling of the bird suggests the idea of transience, revealing a creature at once restless and at rest. A haunting and minimal audio score comprised of natural sounds, electronic music and Japanese shamisen accompanies this sparse image.

Revolving Twilight, 2010

multiple channel video installation with sound, 25 minutes (channels loop at varying lengths)
Revolving Twilight is an immersive video and audio installation inspired in part by tales from nautical lore, notions of optical phenomena and illusion, light particles, ghost ships and the reveries of a drowning victim.

dream of automatic release, 2001-2005

three-channel video-audio installation, 15 minutes (looped)
Simple domestic activities are undertaken by a couple, each existing in his/her own world. Games are played, tasks undertaken, revealing hidden yearnings, miscommunications, and unsatisfied desires. The deep undercurrent of frustrations obscured by sunny lawns, backyard games and chores is examined along with a sense of mounting tension and the desire for release.

Artificial Paradise, 2005-2007

four-channel video-audio installation, 20 minutes
Artificial Paradise is a four-channel video and audio installation which suggests a longing for spiritual transcendence, revealing a world of lingering energies after a possible obliteration. In a realm that is at once alluring and peaceful yet deserted and desolate, enigmatic figures appear and move in isolation as if waiting to be absorbed into the surrounding landscape. The work embodies visual and aural motifs of the four natural elements, and centers on notions of destruction, resurrection, and repetitive diligence as a means of transformation.

denmark, 2003-2005

two-channel video-audio installation, 5:15 minutes
denmark finds Hamlet delivering his famous first monologue while engaging in a ceaseless volley with a blow-up globe. Aided by subtle manipulations of sound, speed and irregular flashes of light, Wooster Group actor Scott Shepard gives the Dane a southern gothic twang.

Flash to Bang, 2002

3 channel video / audio installation, 15 minutes (looped)
Flash to Bang, shot from a rooftop in Queens looking towards Manhattan, offers a meditation on an explosive sky over the city. Chaos, aggression and harnessed energy are addressed in this piece, along with the notion of the inherent struggle between the backward and forwards flow of energy; between exploding and imploding.

Freeze, 2001

two-channel video / audio installation, 8 minutes (looped)
FREEZE is a video/audio installation offering a meditation on loss, the cyclical nature of time, and the desire to hold onto beauty. This work is a two- channel installation comprised of a large-scale projection and two monitors.